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Why finance is the best choice for your next car

Whether you're looking to upgrade your motor, or it's your first car, getting into the world of finance and understanding the different ways to purchase your next car can be a confusing and complicated process. If you don't have the money to buy outright and you're looking to get your dream car sooner, then finance might just be the best option for you. We work with you to find the best finance for your budget - even if you have a bad credit rating.

We're the experts

When it comes to financing, we know what we're talking about and offer two different payment plans to split the cost of your vehicle into easy to manage monthly payments. All you need to do is find your dream car, and then we can help you find the perfect financing option for your lifestyle and budget. It's as easy as that. And if you're wondering how to finance a car with bad credit, don't worry, we have helped plenty of drivers like you drive away in the car they need. Just drop us a line.

HP Finance

One of the most popular options for car finance out there, our Hire Purchase agreements are designed to fit the needs of the flexible modern owner. With lower payments and greater reward, HP finance can fit around your budget, from the deposit to the length of your agreement. Just hand the car back at the end, and you're free of finance - or pay a lump sum and walk away with a finance-free car at the end.

PCP Finance

Personal Contract Purchase is the perfect option for long-term car ownership. With lower payments and the value of your car calculated at purchase, you know exactly how much you'll be paying out for your new motor. One fixed payment at the end leaves you with a car of your own - no strings attached.

Thinking about buying a 'brand new to you' motor, or looking to finance a second-hand car? When you're looking for vehicle finance Essex, we're here to talk you through the best way to finance your dream car. Call us on 01376 570600 or contact us through our website to find out more about how we can help you with your next car purchase.